Product Launches
Immensely Entertaining | Amazing | Surprising | Interactive
There are only 2 ways to launch a product.
You can unveil it (done to death!)
You can make it APPEAR magically!
ILLUSIONIST ANSLEM ROY certainly knows a thing or two about launching a product. He has launched a myriad of products for a variety of multi-national companies. From tea-bags to diapers, shampoos to pharma products, from cars to planes, electrical appliances to computer products, movies to celebrities and even for service sectors like finance and telcos. His client portfolio certainly reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ listing.
He has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for 12 years of his career, working in both local and international advertising companies like AMC-Saatchi& Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Peter Beaumont & Friends (PBf) and Grey Advertising. He worked his way up to senior management in this industry before leaving it to pursue his real passion in Magic & Illusion. His unique specialty is combining his magical and illusion expertise with the client’s brand/product brief and then come up with a magical product launch that is unique and relevant to that brand.

In his own words, “You get more bang for your buck! Not just a surprise and unexpected magical appearance of your product or service, but done within the context of relevance to the brand / corporate image and positioning. And the Magic makes it exceedingly memorable!”And the audience size is only limited by the size of the room. 

In addition to actual product launches, his work in this area also covers the following: 
1) Creating themed magical presentations for performances by the clients’ own staff at trade shows, road shows, etc. 
2) Special effects for displays in clients’ offices, trade shows and outlets. 
3) Working with senior management in injecting in magic tricks and effects to accentuate the important points in their presentations at meetings, sales kick-offs and the like.

Thinking of a different and unique way to market your brand or product?