Private Parlour
Immensely Entertaining | Amazing | Surprising | Interactive
If you're looking to entertain a small group in your living room, at a restaurant or even at a trade show, ILLUSIONIST ANSLEM ROY has a show that's guaranteed to leave your guests talking about it for a long time to come! Phenomenal entertainment that you won't experience anywhere else...

Working off a table or two, his show is designed for the sophisticated audience, and perfectly blends intellect, wonder and rib-tickling humor, but most importantly, gets the audience’s participation, which empowers your guests and truly makes them "feel" the magic. He’ll knock your guests' socks off!

ILLUSIONIST ANSLEM ROY’s magic soirée proves to be a popular and extremely entertaining event for clients who wish to add something different to a dinner party, aside from eating, drinking and talking. Not only does it provide guests with something light-hearted, startling and unique to enjoy, but it also will be something of great interest to discuss after the performance is over. 

And the audience size is only limited by the size of the room. 

All you and your guests need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
And the laughs are 100% GUARANTEED!

Make your next Event Magical and Unforgettable!

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