Magical Emcee
Immensely Entertaining | Amazing | Surprising | Interactive

When you have spent weeks organizing and planning the perfect event for your guests and attendees, it’s important to ensure that it is hosted with the same energy, experience and professionalism that you have given it yourself. 

You will be wanting someone to deliver all of these in a fun, engaging and uniquely different way, knowing that you yourself can then sit back, relax and enjoy the event, stress-free. You’ll need an Emcee with that extra something special.

Charismatic Magical Emcee Anslem Roy is the definitely the option for you!

He has the unique skills, professionalism and charm to supercharge your event with his outstanding acts, navigate any possible obstacles and ensure that you will be congratulated at the end of the night for a great event delivery and execution.

As a Magical Emcee, ANSLEM ROY is a combination of a professional host and a creative magician. Interaction between a magician and the guests at your event will create the best kick-start on your special day. He is known to captivate and engage entire crowds to feel pumped up with louder moments of laughter. 

His presentation, creativity and magic create hype at events, making the gathering more exciting for the attending guests, no matter the age groups, cultural backgrounds, or ethnicities.

And most importantly, ensure that everything happens perfectly well, at the right time, and on time!

  • Charismatic and fun host
  • Great magical entertainment
  • Bring laughter and surprises to the event
  • Organize games for guests
  • Make the event a memorable experience
  • Work with you on the event flow
  • Create a good positive atmosphere
  • Spread smiles
  • Handle unexpected delays
  • Effectively manage the event flow
  • Additionally, as an option, he can even make the Main Guest Speaker appear magically.
So be it a gala show, conference, awards ceremony, charity event, wedding or a private party, get ready for some fun, magic, and celebration with
Magical Emcee ANSLEM ROY!

Book now so that you will not be disappointed!