Immensely Entertaining | Amazing | Surprising | Interactive

 A uniquely different way to look at CORPORATE TRAINING! 

ANSLEM ROY conducts corporate training sessions that are Different, FUN and Memorable!

A training session with Illusionist ANSLEM ROY will gain your attendee-attention, improve active participation, accelerate learning and more importantly, make the session productive and meaningful. It has been proven that FUN learning produces highly effective results. After all, isn’t that the goal - To Engage, Deliver and Maximize learner retention. 

ANSLEM ROY focuses on combining the delivery of information, works on improving the skill-set needs and the behavioral change/belief patterns of the participants. He uses a wide variety of magical and illusion effects, comedy, active audience participation routines and interaction to instruct and make ‘Come Alive’ and intensify the retention of the training objectives set out. 

The unexpected “WOW” moments deliver a fun experience that is more meaningful and more delightful and hence, more memorable than possibly expected. 

ANSLEM ROY’s lessons for the participants are not just about how an engaging personality, psychological insights, and talented hands can create wonderful effects that amaze and astound an audience. It's just as much about the hard, creative work he puts into continuously improving his artform towards this end and his desire to share this with others.

Looking for a DIFFERENCE in the approach to training?